Here they finally are ; high visibility clothes for safe AND stylish kids !

Fluorescent: improve daytime visibility

Refers to a bright color, most often yellow, orange, red or green that stands out well during the day. The compounds in the dye convert part of the UV spectrum into visible light, contrasting with the surroundings.

Reflective zones: improve visibility at night

It is a textile which reflects any ray of light in the direction of the source which emitted it. We use glass beads or microbeads as a very efficient technology.

In the dark, from a motorist’s point of view, before you can make out anything in the headlights, you will see these bands appear. The perceived light source is then only the reflection of the light from the headlights.

The fluorescent and reflective effects therefore work without an internal energy source, and without an accumulation process.


We are Yann and Yoannah, parents of twins …

In October 2017, we were spectators in the streets of Paris of an incident which could have been dramatic. 

A man came to stop in extremis the race of a young child who escaped his mother’s control and who was heading towards the road at full speed, a bus was driving in his direction …

The bus driver, like most passers-by, did not notice the child’s impulsive and unpredictable behavior. 

This scene shocked our minds as young parents.

The next day, as we were driving through town, we saw in front of a station a little boy so impatient to go skiing that he had put on his ski suit, it was fluorescent yellow! This unusual outfit in the city for children allowed him to be visible from several meters away and grabbed our and other people’s attention whose reflex was to slow down!

The idea was born …

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